The Launch of Rootcorner!

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Sep 17, 2021
Hi Rooty Users,

We are launching our community called Rootcorner. Rootcorner is a community of tech users, web specialists, business owners, entrepenures, developers, and much more.

Rootcorner is powered by Rootpal hosting but is not a community just for "Rootpal", it is a community for everyone to post anything they'd like related to business, web, development, SEO, marketing and many other topics we include. However, we do have a Rootpal community category if you'd like to talk, discuss, and help users using Rootpal and even win rewards!

We also will have a marketplace for services and software such as SEO, marketing, design, software, and much more!

We are excited for you to be a part of our community and we will be actively growing and supporting it moving forward.
Not open for further replies.