I need help with idea...


New member
Sep 28, 2021
Hello there,

I need help with an idea, and I hope that I am in the right place. I think that idea can become a valuable product.

I feel sorry that no one saw the potential of the video player option, which currently has Coursera, and which allows screenshots of transcripts into notes. I suggested Publit and Vadoo team add this as it is a great option for video content to be posted on the LMS website. But, they have something other in mind for development. I will make this someday soon for my projects, but I am wondering if there is anyone of you who has a constructive idea of how-to with one click on the player user can make screenshots of the transcript and place it in downloadable notes?
There are many options for a note to be written, but I want to make a video player with a one-click option for notes to be taken, or to add trigger and action for the player and notes app to work synchronously. If you have any helpful information or effective idea I will love to hear them.
Thanks for your time and effort.

Hope to hear from you soon.